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Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click

Leverage The True Power Of Paid Advertisements

When you’re ready to double up your campaign efforts we will leverage our skills to optimize your paid advertisements and promotions. We know what works and what doesn’t but most importantly we know how to get more for your money! Our search engine marketing techniques and paid ads will make an instant impact and give your brand a much larger reach and exposure. We focus on one thing only, HIGHER CONVERSIONS!

How we manage your ad campaigns

Online advertisement has been an important part of marketing online for some time now and we have used that time to build a strategy to help build your ads/ad campaigns in a way that will bring business to you.

Every campaign we manage whether it's on Facebook, Google, or the various other platforms, starts with research. Customer research is crucial, you need to know what your customers are looking for, where they're looking for it and how they're searching for it.
Keyword Research and Strategy
Once we narrow down the initial keywords with proper research we can begin but first let us explain something very important. We do not load up a campaign with whatever keywords we like and run it. We use the phrases your customers are searching to find your product, service or brand. *Free Tip* Do not target the wrong keywords. You could end up spending a more money with little to no conversions.
Average cost per click (CPC) can vary by industry and many other elements increase cost. We know how to maximize your budget and conversions and we are happy to do it for you. While average cost per click varies by industry, other elements can increase CPC, so know what you can afford.
Competitor Analysis
We take the time to research the competitive landscape. We find your competitors and get familiar with what they're doing. Our team learns from analyzing PPC campaigns and we reveal details on how other domains are strategically positioning ads.
Monitor and Fine Tune
So we have created an ad campaign, we did our keyword research and competitor analysis now we continue to monitor and make adjustments. We watch it like a hawk and continue to adjust keywords and other features until it is a conversion machine!
Landing Pages
Landing pages are a must if you truly want to take advantage of paid ads and not throwaway your money. The traffic funneling through your ads needs to go somewhere. We send traffic to relevant pages with custom designs or existing pages. Relevancy between your ad and your landing page is a must, it will lead to conversions, improve your ad quality score, and likely reduce your overall cost per click. *Free Tip* Don’t send ad traffic to your homepage.
Did we miss anything
Remember if you're trying to run ads prior to optimizing everything else just give us a call. We know our strategies and techniques work and we and are happy to share them with you.

So you're not sure what package or service is right for you? We can help with that!