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Marketing Never Stops Evolving

Remember the prehistoric relics of phone books? It wasn’t that long ago that we all took to fossilized, dog-eared pages in order to seek out products, services, and businesses to fit our needs. These days, those phone books are a little more than paperweights – a testament to the times before the internet became our primary source of seeking out a company’s information.

Google My Business (GMB) works kind of like a modern-day phone book, except with more information available to searchers. It’s an online directory that offers your internet audience a fresh way to get in touch with your company and find specific locations. When someone performs a search for your company, a small profile appears complete with your images, client images, address, hours of operation, and so much more.

Why choose GMB in favor of other online directories?

Did you know that Google hosts over 94% of internet searches? Compared to other search engines, the math is simple. If you aren’t utilizing all of Google’s tools available to businesses, your company misses out on a multitude of potential customers – which translates into profits lost to a competitor. You may as well just donate a portion of your current profits to your competition a few blocks down the street.

For example, you own a business called Delicious D’s Donuts – a locally-owned small business in Cincinnati that sources products locally as well. A potential customer named Sally wants to find a great new spot to grab a coffee and a treat on her way to school. She uses Google to find the best location. Trouble is that you have yet to create a GMB profile. Even though Delicious D’s Donuts is located on the way to Sally’s school, supports the local economy, and has the best coffee in town, Sally’s heading to a corporate chain that’s out of her way instead. You missed out. Sally missed out. Delicious D’s Donuts is short a regular customer.

Let’s flip the script. You’ve created your Google page, and it has been optimized. Delicious D’s Donuts has gained some raving reviews, offers quality products at just the right price, and turns up first in a Google search for ‘donut shops’ in the Cincinnati locality. You’ve not only gained Sally as a daily customer, but her study buddies, classmates, teachers, and family members. Business is booming. And Delicious D’s Donuts gets the happy ending it deserves.

Extensive Happy Endings with Extend

As a certified Google partner, Extend MP can help your Cincinnati business achieve the growth, traffic, and profits it deserves! The story of Delicious D’s Donuts doesn’t have to be fictitious. We offer various GMB packages tailored to the needs of your company. From reputation management to appearances in the top 25 listings on Google, we’ll set you up with a new beginning that lets you and your potential customers win. Check out the details of our packages and contact us so we can put your business on the path to success! Need a Google My Business Page fast? We can do the setup, verification, and optimization as soon as you need it. You can also set it up on your own then give us a call to help you out.

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