Building Trust With Google My Business

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One of the most important factors in turning a one-time consumer into a lifelong customer who
encourages others to make purchases from your business is trust. It’s what can turn a single
purchase into a professional relationship that continues for years to come. Google My Business
can play an important and positive role in building that trust from the first business search to the
return of that searcher time and time again.

Since so many web searchers place their trust in Google as a search engine, having your
company’s name and profile turn up in the average Google search already increases that trust.
The average Google profile displays the exact location on Google Maps, contact information,
and website of a business. But it doesn’t stop there.

Why is Google My Business so trustworthy?

For numerous years in a row, Google has hosted over 94% of all searches on the internet. Thus,
Google in and of itself is a trusted brand among internet users. When your company shows up in
a Google search for local businesses, your brand immediately appears more trustworthy.
Google’s multi-step process leads to eventual verification that ensures your company is in fact
real and open for business.

In addition to the verification process, a GMB listing allows users to check out reviews from previous consumers to see how well your business fares in product or service quality and overall experience. The higher your review rating, the stronger a potential customer’s initial trust in your company will be.

Think about it. If you’re in search of a reliable plumber, and you head to your keyboard to find a company in your area, which are you more likely to select? The one with an unfinished profile or the company with an address, an image of the location, and its pertinent contact information and hours listed? Is a 3 star-rating with reviews left unanswered as appealing as a 4.6 star rating where reviews had responses from the business?

Trust Your Business to Extend Marketing Partners

As a Google-certified partner, Extend Marketing Partners has plenty of options to get your company on the road toward building a more trustworthy brand both online and off. With a GMB listing, you are up to 70% more likely to have foot traffic travel to your physical location, with newcomers up to 50% more likely to make a purchase. And that’s just by having a basic GMB listing. Extend MP’s packages can take you above and beyond those already impressive stats.

Can you afford to bypass the benefits of trust-building offered by GMB? If not, contact us to find out more about how we can take your business listing to the top.  

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